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To anyone who is not currently on their high school basketball team and looking to continue playing basketball at a competitive level.  Sign up as a team, 12 players max, or individual.  No guarantee of placement if signing up as an individual.  There will be a freshman, sophomore, and a varsity (junior & senior) division.  8 game guarantee season with Championship game.  Official team t-shirts will be provided to each player.  No games 12/24 & 12/31.  Registration deadline is November 10.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center, 7847 Caldwell

 Code  Day  Date  Time  Fee
 420302-03  Sun  Nov 26-Feb 4   9:00 am-2:00 pm  $650 team
 $75 person


Boys & Girls Grade 3-8
Advanced instruction and game-play for boys and girls interested in playing High School and College basketball.  Directed by 3-time NCAA Champion and Hall of Fame coach Gregg Gierke.  Gregg coached men's and women's college basketball for 30 years with 512 wins and 11 conference champions.  No class 12/23 & 12/30.
Location:  Golf View Rec Center & LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Code  Day  Date  Times  R/NR
   Sat  Dec 9-Jan 27  Gr 6-8: 8:30-9:30 am  $61/$76
       Gr 3-5: 9:45-10:45 am  $61/$76


Boys & Girls Grades 6 to 8
Niles Park District will be offering 6 competitive tournaments this fall for young teams not eligible to play in their school leagues just yet.  All tournaments are 2 game guarantee.  Please call the Athletic Office at 847-967-1529 for more information about rules and game times.
Location:  Golf View Rec Center

 Grade & Gender  Date  Fee Per Team
 6th Grade Boys  Sept 17-30  $175
 6th Grade Girls  Oct 1-14  $175
 7th Grade Boys  Oct 15-28  $175
 7th Grade Girls  Oct 29-Nov 11  $175
 8th Grade Boys  Nov 12-Dec 2  $175
 8th Grade Girls  Dec 3-16   $175

Boys & Girls Grade K, 1st, 2nd & 3rd
We are proud to offer this 6 week program where participants will learn dribbling, shooting, defense and offense skills.  Fee includes a t-shirt and basketball.  Gym shoes must be worn to each class.  Classes are limited to 40 kids. No class 12/23 or 12/30.  Registration deadline is December 2.
Location:  Golf View Rec Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 120301-01  Sat  Dec 2-Jan 20  9:00-10:00 am  $61/$76
 120301-02  Sat  Dec 2-Jan 20  10:15-11:15 am  $61/$76
 120301-03  Sat  Dec 2-Jan 20  11:30 am-12:30 pm  $61/$76

Boys & Girls 2nd-8th Grade (as of 2017-18 school year)

This is a great program for the beginner as well as the more experienced players. Teams are divided by skill level to assure an equal level of competition and fun times for all. Each team will be scheduled for 10 games. Team conflicts will be allowed. Register by teams or individuals. Niles Park District can place individuals on any team with less than 10 members. All players will receive a reversible jersey which must be worn to all games.  Volunteer coaches needed, contact the Athletic Office at (847) 967-1529. Coach Packets will be available at all facilities or online at  Registration deadline is December 18.
Location:  Golf View Rec Center, Grennan Heights, LoVerde Rec Center & Surrounding Grade Schools in Niles
Game Times:  Saturday & Sunday- 2nd & 3rd Grade: Noon-6:00 pm, 4th-8th Grade: 8:00 am-9:00 pm  
Friday's- 5:30-10:00 pm


 Girls Grade 2  Date  R/NR
 120302-01  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Girls Grade 3  Date  R/NR
 120302-02  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Girls Grade 4  Date  R/NR
 120302-03  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Girls Grade 5  Date  R/NR
 120302-04  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Girls Grade 6  Date  R/NR
 120302-05  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Girls Grade 7  Date  R/NR
 120302-06  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Girls Grade 8  Date  R/NR
 120302-07  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121


 Boys Grade 2  Date  R/NR
 120302-08  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Boys Grade 3  Date  R/NR
 120302-09  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Boys Grade 4  Date  R/NR
 120302-10  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Boys Grade 5  Date  R/NR
 120302-11  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Boys Grade 6  Date  R/NR
 120302-12  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Boys Grade 7  Date  R/NR
 120302-13  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121
 Boys Grade 8  Date  R/NR
 120302-14  Feb 3-Apr 8  $88/$121

Important Dates:

* Registration deadline is DECEMBER 18.
* Coach Pick-Up will be the last week of January at Golf View Rec Center.
* All teams will be given 5 free team practices between Jan 22 and April 6.
* Schedule will be final once distributed.
* Coach Packet is due Monday, December 18.  Download from website or pick up at Grennan Heights, Golf View Rec Center or Howard Leisure Center.
* Anyone signing up after Dec 18 will be required to pay a $25 late fee pending Athletic Department approval.

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