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Learn to Skate Fall Mini-Session (3-4 weeks):  September 6-30

Fall Mini-Session Registration:  
August 3-31

$5 Discount for registrations paid before August 31!

TOT CLASSES (Ages 3-6)

 Parent/Tot  433001-07  Wed  5:00-5:30 pm  $41  $50
 Tot Beginner  433001-03   Thurs  5:35-6:05 pm  $41  $50
 Tot Beginner  433001-02   Sat  9:50-10:20 am  $41  $50
 Tot Beginner  433001-04   Sat  11:05-11:35 am  $41  $50
 Tot 1/Snowplow Sam 1  433001-11   Thurs  5:35-6:05 pm  $56  $65
 Tot 1/Snowplow Sam 1  433001-13   Sat  9:50-10:20 am  $56  $65
 Tot 1/Snowplow Sam 1  433001-14  Sat  11:05-11:35 am  $56  $65
 Tot 2/Snowplow Sam 2  433002-02  Thurs  5:35-6:05 pm  $56  $65
 Tot 2/Snowplow Sam 2  433002-01   Sat  10:30-11:00 am  $56  $65
 Tot 2/Snowplow Sam 2  433002-03   Sat  11:05-11:35 am  $56  $65
 Tot 3/Snowplow Sam 3  433003-04  Thurs  6:25-6:55 pm  $56  $65
 Tot 3/Snowplow Sam 3  433003-05  Sat  9:50-10:20 am  $56  $65
 Tot 4/Snowplow Sam 4  433004-04  Thurs  6:25-6:55 pm   $56  $65 
 Tot 4/Snowplow Sam 4  433004-05  Sat   9:50-10:20 am   $56  $65 

LEARN TO SKATE CLASSES (Ages 6 & Up) (Monday class is 3 weeks)

 Beginner  433101-07  Wed  5:00-5:30 pm  $41  $50
 Beginner  433101-01   Thurs  5:35-6:05 pm  $41  $50
 Beginner  433101-03  Thurs  10:30-11:00 am  $41  $50
 Beginner  433101-05  Sat  11:05-11:35 am  $41  $50
 Pre-Alpha 1/Basic 1  433101-14  Thurs  5:35-6:05 pm  $56  $65
 Pre-Alpha 1/Basic 1  433101-04  Sat  10:30-11:00 am  $56  $65
 Pre-Alpha 1/Basic 1  433101-02  Sat  11:05-11:35 am  $56  $65
 Pre-Alpha 2/Basic 2  433102-02  Thurs  6:25-6:55 pm  $56  $65
 Pre-Alpha 2/Basic 2  433102-03  Sat  11:05-11:35 am  $56  $65
 Alpha 1/Basic 3  433103-02  Thurs  5:35-6:15 pm  $68  $80
 Alpha 1/Basic 3  433103-03  Sat  9:50-10:30 am  $68  $80
 Alpha 2/Basic 4  433104-02  Thurs  6:15-6:55 pm  $68  $80
 Alpha 2/Basic 4  433104-03  Sat  9:50-10:30 am  $68  $80
 Beta 1/Basic 5  433105-02  Thurs  5:35-6:15 pm  $68  $80
 Beta 1/Basic 5  433105-03  Sat  9:50-10:30 am  $68  $80
 Beta 2/Basic 5  433106-02  Thurs  6:15-6:55 pm  $68  $80
 Beta 2/Basic 5  433106-03  Sat  9:50-10:30 am  $68  $80
 Gamma/Basic 6  433107-02  Thurs  6:15-6:55 pm  $68  $80
 Gamma/Basic 6  433107-03  Sat  9:50-10:30 am  $68  $80
 Delta/Basic 6  433108-02  Thurs  6:15-6:55 pm  $68  $80
 Delta/Basic 6  433108-03  Sat  9:50-10:30 am  $68  $80


 Pre-Freestyle/Pre-Freeskate  433201-03  Thurs  6:15-6:55 pm  $68  $80
 Pre-Freestyle/Pre-Freeskate  433201-04  Sat  11:35 am-12:20 pm  $74  $88
 Freestyle 1/Freeskate 1  433201-01  Mon    5:10-5:50 pm   $56  $65 
 Freestyle 1/Freeskate 1  433201-02  Sat  11:35 am-12:20 pm  $74  $88
 Freestyle 2/Freeskate 2  433202-01  Mon   5:10-5:50 pm   $56   $65 
 Freestyle 2/Freeskate 2  433202-02  Sat  11:35 am-12:20 pm  $74  $88
 Freestyle 3/Freeskate 3  433203-01  Mon  5:10-5:50 pm  $56  $65
 Freestyle 3/Freeskate 3  433203-02  Sat  11:35 am-12:20 pm  $74  $88
 Freestyle 4/Freeskate 4  433204-01  Mon  5:10-5:50 pm  $56  $65
 Freestyle 4/Freeskate 4  433204-02  Sat  11:35 am-12:20 pm  $74  $88
 Freestyle 5/Freeskate 5  433205-01  Mon  5:10-5:50 pm  $56  $65
 Freestyle 5/Freeskate 5  433205-02  Sat  11:35 am-12:20 pm  $74  $88
 Freestyle 6/Freeskate 6  433206-01  Mon  5:10-5:50 pm  $56  $65
 Freestyle 6/Freeskate 6  433206-02  Sat  11:35 am-12:20 pm  $74  $88


 Power & Style/ Pre FS-FS 6  433109-06  Mon  4:40-5:10 pm  $32  $39
 Inter/High Off Ice Conditioning   433109-10  Mon 
 6:00-7:00 pm   $59  $73
 Beg/Low Ballet Floor Barre  433109-11  Sat   11:00 am-Noon  $77  $95 
 433110-02  Mon   5:10-5:50 pm   $47  $65
 High Power & Style   433109-12  Sat  9:10-9:40 am 
 $41  $50
 PA-Delta Power  433109-01  Sat   10:30-11:00 am  $41  $50 
 Beginner Low Off Ice Conditioning 
 433109-04  Fri  5:10-6:10 pm   $77  $95
 Intermediate Off Ice Conditioning   433109-03  Fri   5:10-6:10 pm    $77  $95
 Axel Workshop   433109-13  Fri   5:10-5:40 pm   $77  $95
 Jump Workshop
 433109-14  Fri   5:10-5:40 pm On Ice
 5:45-6:15 pm Off Ice 
 $77  $95
 Yoga for Kids  433109-02  Wed   5:15-6:15 pm  $77   $95 
 Teen/Adult Yoga  433109-08  Wed   6:15-7:15 pm  $77  $95 
 Beginner Yoga  433109-09  Sat   8:40-9:40 am  $77   $95 
 Jazz Dance  433109-05  Fri   6:15-7:15 pm  $77  $95 
 Inter/Adv Ballet/Floor Barre  433109-07  Sat   9:50-10:50 am  $77   $95 


TOT CLASSES  (Ages 3 – 6)

Parent & Tot:  Ages 3-5, plus Adult.  This class is designed for preschoolers accompanied by an adult.  Instructional time is 30 minutes.  Under the guidance of one of very qualified staff, children and parents will learn the basics of skating through skating games, songs and having fun.  Starts off ice week 1 & 2.
Beginner:  For the skater who has never taken a class before.  This is an introductory class.  Those skaters who have taken Tot 1 should not enroll for this class.  This will now precede the Tot 1 level.  Starts off ice week 1 & 2.

Tot 1/Snowplow Sam 1:  Pre-requisite Tot Beginner.  This class is designed to teach your basic skating skills.  Standing, falling, getting up, marching, standing dips, 2 foot glides, moving dips and moving falls.

Tot 2/Snowplow Sam 2:  Pre-requisite Tot 1.  This class emphasizes marching, moving dips, 2 foot glides, 2 foot jumps, 1 foot glides, forward swizzles, back wiggles, scooter pushes.

Tot 3/Snowplow Sam 3:  Pre-requisite Tot 2.  This class emphasizes forward swizzles, snow plow stops, 1 foot glides, T-position pushes, zig-zag stroking, moving backward swizzles, forward pumps.

Tot 4/Snowplow Sam 4:  Pre-requisite Tot 3.  This class emphasizes zig-zag stroking, snow plow stops left and right, backward swizzles, pumps on circle, circular push and glides, 2 foot jumps forward and backward.



Beginner Class:  For skaters taking a class for the first time.  This is an introductory class.  Those skaters who have taken Pre Alpha 1 before should not enroll for this class.  This will now precede the Pre Alpha 1 level.  Starts off-ice week 1 & 2.

Pre-Alpha 1/Basic 1:  Pre-requisite Has completed the Beginner Class.  This introductory class is designed to teach your basic skating skills.  Skaters are taught proper techniques on falling, getting up and balance, 2-foot glides, dips, scooter pushes, forward swizzles and one-foot glides. 

Pre-Alpha 2/Basic 2:  Pre-requisite Pre-Alpha 1.  Advanced balance with emphasis on swizzles forward and backward, 1 foot glides, snow plow stops, forward stroking and pumps.

Alpha 1 & 2/Basic 3 & 4:  Pre-requisite Pre-Alpha 2 or Tot 4.  Skaters are taught right and left push-glides on outside and inside edges, forward stroking, circular pumps, snow plow stops and backward glides.

Beta 1 & 2/Basic 5:  Pre-requisite Alpha 2.  Skills taught include backward stroking, back pumps straight and on circle, back pumps, backward crossovers, forward outside edge 1 foot glides, T-Stops, and moving 2 foot turns.

Gamma/Basic 6:  Pre-requisite Beta.  Skills taught are outside 3-turns, Mohawk sequence, forward inside edge 1 foot glides, 2 foot edges, hockey stops.

Delta/Basic 6/Pre-Freeskate:  Pre-requisite Gamma.  Skills taught are inside 3-turns, forward outside and inside edges, bunny hops, lunge, shoot the duck and 2 foot backward edges.

Alpha-Delta Power:  Pre-requisite Passed Pre-Alpha 1.  This class has been designed to teach the Alpha-Delta skater the basics of power skating.  This class will work on speed, endurance and other basic techniques.



Pre-Freestyle/Pre-Freeskate:  Pre-requisite Must have passed Delta.  Skaters will now move from Delta to Pre-Freestyle to learn essential building clock elements for the freestyle skating levels.  Previously skaters have learned some of these elements in our Gamma and Delta classes.  Our skate school staff felt strongly that there were many additional elements that to serve our skaters needs better, an additional class level would benefit our skaters in our skate school.  It will also fill a hole in the essential curriculum needed to be successful at the freestyle levels.  Skaters will learn two foot backward edges, 1/2 flip preparation, two foot spin preparation, jump landing positions, crossovers in a forward and backward figure eight, stand still waltz jump, and preparation for forward pivots.
Freestyle 1-6/Freeskate 1-6:  Pre-requisite for Freestyle 1 is Pre-Freestyle.  We follow the ISI freestyle program at IceLand.  These classes are for the advanced skater.



Power & Style:  Pre-requisite: Pre FS-6 (Monday), Passed ISI FS 6 & Up or USFS Inter. MIF (Saturday), Pre-Alpha-Pre FS Power (Saturday). Take your skating to a new level. This class focuses on improving edge quality and power while developing artistry and presentation. Exercises and drills are performed to music.

Teen/Adults:  Ages 14 & Up. This class will focus on all abilities from beginner to intermediate.

Off Ice Conditioning:  Intro to Off Ice Conditioning, Beginner/Low Level & Intermediate/High Level:  Must have approval from Skating Director to enroll in any level except Beginner.  Skaters need more than just on ice training. Off Ice Conditioning is vital to a good on ice performance. The focus of this class will be on core strength and stability, balance, explosive power, and flexibility. Students will participate in a challenging workout that should help improve their on ice performance. Skaters must have a good pair of cross training shoes, a jump rope, an exercise mat, and water.

Axel Workshop:  Pre-Requisite Any age, passed ISI FS 2 level and working on FS 3 or above. The axel is the jump that many skaters struggle to achieve. It can take hundreds of hours to perfect and once a single axel is perfected there are still other techniques to accomplish in combination with an axel. Skaters will receive a 1/2 hour on ice class and a 1/2 hour off ice class to work on drill and exercises related to the axel jump. Video review, jump harness, and other props may be used during this class. Skills in this class will include but are not limited to, waltz jumps, loop jumps, back scratch spins, and landing positions. Skaters who can or cannot land an axel are encouraged to participate in this class.

Jump Workshop:  Any age, must have passed ISI Freestyle 5 and above and be landing a clean axel and consistently. Skating Director permission required. This class will focus only on jump drills and jump techniques. Skaters must be able to land a clean and consistent axel to participate in this class. Enrollment is at the discretion of the skating director.


Intermediate/Advanced Ballet/Floor Barre:  Must have permission from skating director.  It is well known that figure skating & ballet are closely related and complement each other.  All aspects of off ice dance class and techniques apply directly to figure skating techniques.  By perfecting positions and balance off the ice in dance class, on ice performance can benefit greatly,  Add the artistry of dance and a complete on ice package should be within reach of any dedicated skater.

Floor Barre is a cross training workout that improves skaters' strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on skeletal and muscular alignment necessary for on and off ice maneuvers.  It will help improve your spins and spiral positions while increasing muscular strength necessary for bigger and higher jumps.  This full body workout also increases core strength and tones the athletes' body.


Beginner/Low Ballet/Floor Barre:  Open to anyone who has never taken ballet before, or has little experience in ballet or floor barre.  Basic ballet skills, terminology, rhythm, and coordination are taught, practiced, and developed through creative movement, music, and mime in a supportive and supervised environment.


Jazz Dance:  Ages 8 & Up.  Skaters must have previous dance experience.  Jazz is a combination of a variety of styles of dance:  ballet, African dance, musical theater, modern, and social dances.  Jazz dance has a firm technique and strength base, allowing for individualized movement.  As skaters we often draw specifically from jazz dance.  It is a great compliment to your ballet training and skating.


Yoga for Kids- NEW!  Ages 8-15.  Participants will learn beginning Yoga movements and terms.  Yoga is wonderful for improving listening skills, building self-esteem, and supporting social and emotional learning.


Teen/Adult Yoga- NEW!  Ages 16 to Adult.  Experience the physical benefits of Yoga and its techniques for dealing with the stress of everyday life.  Work both your mind and body during this class.  Moms and daughters, this could be a great class to clear your minds together.


Beginning Yoga- NEW!  Ages 12 to Adult.  A beautiful way to introduce the practice of living well and feeling well through finding focus, flexibility, and strength, breathing, creativity and relaxation.

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