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Rangers Club Registration:  August 1
Open Registration:  August 7-31
$5 late fee after August 31

*Register the same player for 2 Rookie Rangers classes, or 1 Power Rangers, Power Rangers Plus, and 1 Clinic in the same session, get a 50% discount on the second and/or third lower priced class. 

Rookie Rangers
Pre-Requisite:  None for mini session.  Our most basic hockey class.  Designed for first time skaters with an interest in playing hockey.  Skills covered in this class involve all basic skating skills, push & glides, stops, turns, backwards skating, and crossovers.  Sticks and pucks are informally entered into each class every day to give each child a taste of playing hockey.  All basic equipment (skates, shin guards, elbow pads, gloves, helmet with facemask and stick) is provided free of charge!  Enrollment is limited.  Players who have their own equipment are welcome. 

 333317-01  4-7  Sat  2:00-2:30 pm  Sept 9-30  $36/$45
 333317-02  8-13  Sat  2:00-2:30 pm   Sept 9-30   $36/$45 
 333317-03  4-7   Sun  1:00-1:30 pm   Sept 10-Oct 1   $36/$45 
 333317-04  8-13  Sun  1:00-1:30 pm   Sept 10-Oct 1   $36/$45 
 333317-05  4-7   Sun  1:45-2:15 pm   Sept 10-Oct 1   $36/$45 
 333317-06  8-13  Sun  1:45-2:15 pm   Sept 10-Oct 1   $36/$45 
 333317-07  4-7   Wed  5:00-5:30 pm   Sept 6-27   $36/$45 
 333317-08  8-13  Wed  5:00-5:30 pm   Sept 6-27   $36/$45 


Body Clinic/Shooting Clinic
Pre-Requisite:  Must have completed one session of Power Rangers, or will be playing on a team for the Fall/Winter season.  This clinic will cover age specific progression of body contact skills.  This will include safe ways to play along the boards, using leverage to play the puck, and 'heads up hockey'.  Body checking will be taught to the Bantam level and above players.  The shooting/stick handling portion of the clinic will be offered for 4 weeks for 8-11 year olds.  The class will cover the basics of protecting the puck, moves and fakes, and proper shooting technique for wrist shots and backhand shots. 

 333318-01  8-11  Tues  7:05-8:05 pm  Sept 5-Sept 26   $72/$90
 333318-02  12-16  Tues  7:05-8:05 pm  Sept 5-Sept 26   $72/$90

Power Rangers
Pre-Requisite:  Successful completion of Rookie Rangers and approval of instructor.  Playing on a Rangers team is highly recommended.  Players must provide their own equipment.  Full equipment is required.  Power Rangers is the next progression after completing Rookie Rangers.  This class continues to cover skating at an intermediate level, as well as offering instruction on other skills of the game, including puckhandling, passing and shooting.  We strongly encourage players who have joined a Rangers team to continue to work on their individual skill development by taking a Power Rangers class.

 333319-01  6-8  Thurs  7:05-8:05 pm  Sept 7-Sept 28  $72/$90
 333319-02  9-14  Thurs  7:05-8:05 pm  Sept 7-Sept 28   $72/$90


Power Rangers Plus
Pre-requisite:  Completion of one 10-week session of Power Rangers, and/or approval of the Hockey Director.  Power Rangers Plus is designed for players to increase their puck handling and passing skills in a fast paced environment.  Players will have a puck on their stick for the majority of the class, and will participate in drills that involve accelerating, passing, receiving passes while moving and scoring.  We strongly encourage players who play on a Rangers team to continue to work on their individual skill development by taking this class.  Power Rangers Plus is considered the next progression in the Niles Park District hockey program after Power Rangers.  Players must provide their own equipment.

 333320-01  7-10  Fri  5:50-6:50 pm   Sept 8-Sept 29  $72/$90
 333320-02  11-14  Fri  5:50-6:50 pm  Sept 8-Sept 29   $72/$90

Open Hockey
Helmet and full equipment required.  Open hockey is unsupervised and there is no checking allowed.  Goalies are admitted free.  Extra hours may be added during holiday breaks and special events.  Contact IceLand for details at 847-297-8010.

 Day  Date  Time  Fee
 Mon-Fri  Starting Sept 5  Noon-1:45 pm  $11
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