Summer Camp 1

Our Soccer Programs are located at the LoVerde Sports & Rec Center, 7847 Caldwell.  Register at the Howard Leisure Center, 6676 W. Howard.
Jeff Halsema- Soccer Director 

Holiday Soccer Camp
Boys & Girls Grade K-5
Participants will get a chance to work on various aspects of the game of soccer, but this camp will focus on the individual's technical ability.  We will work on players becoming more comfortable with the ball at their feet in various parts of the game (possession, 1v1, penalty box, etc.)  We will also incorporate speed, agility, and mobility into our technical session to show everyone the different speeds the game can be played at.  Registration deadine will be December 22 & December 29.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 120307-07  Wed-Fri  Dec 26-Dec 28  9:00 am-Noon  $90/$112
 120307-08   Wed-Fri  Jan 2-Jan 4  9:00 am-Noon  $90/$112

3v3 Micro Series
Grade K-6
This will be an 8-week class.  Kids will come to play 3v3 games and learn the art of spacing, moving with and without the ball, and playing under pressure.  Kids will get an amazing amount of touches on the ball all while developing their technical skills and start to learn the tactical side of the game.  Please wear gym shoes.  We will be playing in the gymnasium.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Grade  Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 K-1  120315-10  Sun  Jan 13-Feb 24  12:45-1:45 pm  $72/$90
 2-3  120315-11  Sun  Jan 13-Feb 24  1:45-2:45 pm  $72/$90
 4-6  120315-12  Sun  Jan 13-Feb 24  2:45-3:45 pm  $72/$90

Indoor Soccer- Session 2
Boys & Girls Pre K-Grade 8 (As of Jan 1, 2019)
Tiny Tots, Small Fry, and Big Shots will play on micro fields with either 4v4 or 5v5 games.  This form of soccer causes more touches of the ball by the players (passes, dribbles, shots) and guarantees fun, skill development, and a fundamental knowledge of the game.  JV & Varsity will play full field games with either 7v7 or 8v8 to continue the development for moving into outdoor 11v11 matches.  Universal Niles Park District uniform will be used for Indoor Soccer season.  Uniform will be an additional $15.00.  Universal reversible jerseys will be used for all NPD Soccer Leagues year round.  You can purchase NPD soccer uniform at the LoVerde Sports & Rec Center.  It is each player's responsibility to supply their own shin guards and gym shoes.
* Early Bird Registration through January 2.  Regular Registration pricing after January 2
* Registration will not be accepted after January 9
* Times TBD

Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center
Time:  To be determined, times may vary depending on enrollment

**There will be no pracice time allocated for teams during this session due to field availability.**
**You are encouraged to register early for this session as we will cut registration off once our capacity is reached.  We may even need to end registration early if we hit our capacity for the league.**

Tiny Tots (Pre K)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR After 01/02
 120312-01  Sat  Jan 26-Mar 16  $77/$98  $96/$120

Tots (Kindergarten)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR After 01/02
 120312-02   Sat  Jan 26-Mar 16  $77/$98  $96/$120

Small Fry (Grade 1 & 2)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR After 01/02
 120312-03  Sat  Jan 26-Mar 16  $77/$98  $96/$120

Big Shots (Grade 3 & 4)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR After 01/02
 120312-04  Sat  Jan 26-Mar 16  $77/$98  $96/$120

JV (Grade 5 & 6)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR After 01/02
 120312-05  Sat  Jan 26-Mar 16  $77/$98  $96/$120

Varsity (Grade 7 & 8)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR After 01/02
 120312-06  Sat  Jan 26-Mar 16  $77/$98  $96/$120


MLK Day 3v3 Soccer
Boys & Girls, Grade K-8
We will celebrate MLK Day with a day full of 3v3 soccer.  You will need to register ahead of time to come and play 3v3 games during your designated timeframe.  Staff will organize teams and rotate games every 10-15 minutes.  Staff will referee and help coach games during the day.  Come and play 3v3 soccer on MLK Day.  Each time slot will bve limited to 30 participants.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Grade  Code  Day  Date  Time  Fee
 K-1  120315-13  Mon  Jan 21  9:00-10:30 am  $10
 2-3  120315-14  Mon  Jan 21  10:30 am-Noon  $10
 4-5  120315-15  Mon  Jan 21  Noon-1:30 pm  $10
 6-8  120315-16  Mon  Jan 21  1:30-3:00 pm  $10


Soccer Academy
Boys & Girls, Ages 2-12
The basics of soccer will be covered throughout this 4 week program.  Basic soccer skills will be covered in these soccer academies and above all, how to have fun while becoming a passionate soccer player.  All players are encouraged to participate as Coach Halsema will make sure you are challenged according to your current skill level.  You can pick which day and time works best for you for the class you register for.  If you wish to pick more than one day per week your price will double the rate listed.  No class March 25.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Age  Code  Level  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 2  120315-01  SA Pre  M, W or F  Jan 7-28  10:00a, 2:00p  $55/$70 
 3  120315-02  SA Level 1  M, W or F  Jan 7-28  10:30a, 2:30p  $55/$70
 4  120315-03  SA Level 2  Tu or Thurs   Jan 8-29  10:30a, 3:00p   $55/$70 
 5-8  120315-04  SA Level 3  Tues   Jan 8-29  5:00-6:00p   $55/$70 
 9-12  120315-05  SA Level 4  Tues  Jan 8-29  6:00-7:00p   $55/$70 
 2   120315-06  SA Pre  M, W or F  Feb 4-28  10:00a, 2:00p  $55/$70 
 3  120315-07  SA Level 1  M, W or F   Feb 4-28   10:30a, 2:30p   $55/$70 
 4  120315-08  SA Level 2  Tu or Thurs    Feb 4-28   10:30a, 3:00p   $55/$70 
 2  220315-01  SA Pre  M, W or F  Mar 4-Apr 1  10:00a, 2:00p  $55/$70 
 3  220315-02  SA Level 1  M, W, or F   Mar 4-Apr 1   10:30a, 2:30p   $55/$70 
 4  220315-03  SA Level 2  Tu or Thurs   Mar 4-Apr 1   10:30a, 3:00p   $55/$70 
 5-8  220315-04  SA Level 3  Tues   Mar 5-26   5:00-6:00p   $55/$70 
 9-12  220315-05  SA Level 4  Tues   Mar 5-26   6:00-7:00p   $55/$70 
 2  220315-13  SA Pre  M, W, or F  Apr 8-May 3  10:00a, 2:00p  $55/$70
 3  220315-14   SA Level 1  M W, or F  Apr 8-May 3  10:30a, 2:30p  $55/$70
 4  220315-16   SA Level 2  Tues  Apr 9-Apr 30  10:30a, 3:00p  $55/$70

Goalkeeper Academy
Boys & Girls Ages 8-14
In this academy, we will teach each participant the basics of playing the goalkeeper position in soccer. Getting to roll around on the ground and keep the ball out of the goal is the best part of being a goalkeeper. This academy will be inside the LoVerde Sports & Rec Center so long pants and long sleeves are recommended. This is a 4 week academy. Registration deadline is January 7.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 120315-09  Wed  Jan 9-30  4:00-5:00 pm  $52/$65
 220315-06  Wed  Mar 6-27  4:00-5:00 pm  $52/$65

1v1 Specialist Series
Grades 1-6
This 4 week class will revolve around developing 1v1 skills for the individual.  1v1 skills are a vital part of the game of soccer.  We will focus on moves and ablities to beat the opponent from head on, the side, and from behind.  We will also implement 1v1 games into this class in order to get players comfortable executing the moves they have learned in game situations.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Grade  Code  Level  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 1-3  120315-17  Level 1  Tues  Feb 5-26  4:30-5:30 pm  $55/$70
 4-6  120315-18  Level 2  Tues  Feb 5-26  5:30-6:30 pm  $55/$70

Dribbling Mastery Clinic
Grades 1-8
This class will be for those participants who want to learn how to master the ball at their feet. This clinic will feature a variety of dribbling skills, including using both feet, turning, cutting, fakes, and dribbling for speed. We will also learn how to take on and beat an opponent in the exciting 1vs1 challenge. Registration deadline is March 22.
Location: LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Grade  Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 1-4  220315-07  Sat  Mar 23-Apr 13  1:00-2:00 pm  $52/$65
 4-8  220315-08   Sat  Mar 23-Apr 13  2:00-3:00 pm  $52/$65

Spring Break Soccer Camp
Boys & Girls Ages 6-14
This camp will be for all those kids on spring break who want to get out of the house and enjoy a fun filled week learning numerous skills sets in the game of soccer. We will cover ball control, passing, receiving, shooting, 1 vs 1 skills, and have Friday Fun Day where we will play games to finish up the week of camp. Registration deadline is March 22.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 220311-01  Mon-Fri  Mar 25-29  9:00 am-Noon  $125/$157
 220311-02  Mon-Fri  Apr 15-19  9:00 am-Noon  $125/$157


Youth Spring Soccer League- Sponsored by DiFranco Orthodontics

Boys & Girls Grade Pre K-8, as of Jan. 1, 2019
This program is designed to provide a fun and safe environment, teach the game of soccer, promote social interaction, and teach team concepts.  Soccer develops individual skills and teamwork and is a vigorous and continous exercise for the young athlete.  Uniform will be an additional cost.  Universal reversible jerseys will be used for all NPD Soccer Leagues year round. The participant must purchase soccer spikes and leg guards.  This league is for recreational soccer players.  Club soccer players should not register for this league.  We are always looking for volunteer coaches.  Early Bird Registration through March 22.  Regular Registration pricing after March 22.  Registration will not be accepted after April 3.
* Location:  To Be Determined
* Time:  To Be Determined

Co-Ed Tiny Tot Soccer (Pre K)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR After 3/22
 220304-01  Sat  Apr 27-Jun 22  $78/$98  $96/$120

Co-Ed Tot Soccer (Kindergarten)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR After 3/22
 220304-02  Sat  Apr 27-Jun 22  $78/$98  $96/$120

Co-Ed Small Fry Soccer (Grade 1 & 2)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR After 3/22
 220304-03  Sat  Apr 27-Jun 22  $78/$98  $96/$120

Co-Ed Big Shot Soccer (Grade 3 & 4)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR After 3/22
 220304-04  Sat  Apr 27-Jun 22  $78/$98  $96/$120

Co-Ed Junior Varsity Soccer (Grade 5 & 6)

 Code  Day   Date   R/NR   R/NR After 3/22 
 220304-05  Sat   Apr 27-Jun 22  $78/$98  $96/$120 

Co-Ed Varsity Soccer (Grade 7 & 8)

 Code  Day  Date  R/NR  R/NR After 3/22
 220304-06  Sat  Apr 27-Jun 22  $78/$98  $96/$120

Adult Co-Ed Soccer League
Adults 18 & Over
This league will be a maximum of 11 teams with a minimum of 6 teams needed to run the league. Play will consist of 8v8 games on a 66 x 32 yard field. Teams will need to have a minimum of 3 females on the field at all times. 10-week game schedule with overall standings determining league champion.  Games will consist of 2x25 minute halves with a 2 minute half-time.  Registration deadline is January 5.
Location: LoVerde Sports & Rec Centerm

 Code  Day  Date  Time  Fee
 120317-01  Wed  Jan 9-Mar 13  6:00-11:00 pm  $750 team
 220317-02  Wed  Apr 3-Jun 5  6:00-11:00 pm  $750 team
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