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Spike City Volleyball Camp
Boys & Girls Grade 4-8 (as of 2017-18 school year)
Our Volleyball Academy helps the beginner and experienced player improve their skills with instruction from Coach Randy Satovitz.  Players will work to strengthen footwork, passing, setting and serving through fun drills and games.  Registration deadline is the first day of class.
Location:  LoVerde Sports & Rec Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 220310-01  Tues  April 10-May 1  6:00-7:00 pm  $52/$65

Co-Ed Youth Volleyball League
Boys & Girls Grade 4-8
These volleyball leagues are designed to provide a positive environment for the young athlete to compete, have fun, enhance their volleyball skills and learn the concept of being a team player.  Sign up as a team or individual.  Each team will play 8-10 games plus playoffs.  Volunteer coaches are needed.  Registration deadline is April 16.  Contact the Athletic Office at 847-967-1529 with any questions.  Leagues may be combined depending on enrollment.  Teams can sign up as a co-ed team.
Location:  Golf View Rec Center & LoVerde Sports & Rec Center
Code:  4th Grade- 220305-01,  5th Grade- 220305-02,  6th Grade- 220305-03,  7th Grade- 220305-04,  8th Grade- 220305-05

 Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 Practice- Sat  May 5  TBD  
 Practice- Tues or Thurs  May 8-Jun 28  TBD  
 Match Play & Playoffs- Sat & Sun  May 12-July 1  9:00 am-7:00 pm  $72/$90
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