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Register the same skater in 2 Spring Clinics, get 50% off the second clinic.

Body Contact & Shooting
Pre-Requisite:  Must be a player who is currently competing, or will be competing on a team for the Spring season.  This clinic will cover age specific progression of body contact skills.  This will include safe ways to play along the boards, using leverage to play the puck, and heads up hockey.  Body checking will be taught to the Bantam and above players.  The shooting portion of the clinic will cover all shooting skills involved in the game including the wrist shot, backhand, snap shot, and flip shot.  A special emphasis will cover the slap shot, since this shot is relatively new to the Pee Wee age level.

 Code  Age  Day  Date (4 wks)  Time  R/NR
 233304-01  12-14  Thurs  Mar 21-Apr 11  7:05-8:05 pm  $74/$93
 233304-04  8-11  Thurs  Mar 21-Apr 11  7:05-8:05 pm  $74/$93

Mini Session Body Contact Clinic- Added!!
Due to the high demand for the Body Contact instruction, this class was just added!  This class will fufill the 2 hour requirement for new Bantams wanting to play on a Ranger team in the fall.  The skills that will be worked on in this class are how to give and receive body contact, checking, angling and puck protection.  Full equipment is required including neck and mouth guards.  No shooting will be taught in this 2 day session.  It is strictly a body contact class.

 Code  Age  Day  Date (2 days)  Time  R/NR
 233304-05  12-18  Sun  March 24  11:50 am-12:50 pm  $37/$47 (2 days)
     Mon  March 25  8:00-9:00 pm  

Goaltending Clinic

Pre-Requisite:  Experience on a team, or the determination to be goalie on a team.  Goalies must provide their own equipment.  This clinic will cover all aspects of the position of goaltender.  This includes: skating and lateral movement, agility, skate saves, butterflies, glove saves, blocker deflections, poke checks and much more.  This class will have a designated area on the ice along with the Body Contact & Shooting clinic.  Goaltenders will be used in shooting drills for that clinic, along with their own instruction while participating in these drills.  Lender equipment is available to new goalies.

 Code  Age  Day  Date (4 wks)  Time  R/NR
 233304-02  7-14  Thurs  Mar 21-Apr 11  7:05-8:05 pm  $74/$93


Power Skating & Stick Handling
Pre-Requisite: Experience on a team.  Put the pucks and nets away and concentrate on the most important skill of the game, skating.  This clinic involves in depth work on all aspects of skating, including power thrusts and strides, one and two foot steps, crossovers, Mohawk turns, pivots, backwards crossovers, quickness and agility.  After the skating, pucks will be incorporated.

 Code  Age  Day  Date (4 wks)  Time  R/NR
 233304-03  7-14  Tues  Mar 19-Apr 9  7:05-8:05 pm  $74/$93



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