Summer Camp 6

Instructor, Vicky Ostwald:  Vicky Ostwald has a degree in piano and also studied piano pedagogy at the graduate level.  She has many years of playing and teaching experience.  Vicky enjoys working with all levels and all kinds of students, especially children and also adults.  If you have a special interest such as learning to play by ear, this can be incorporated into the lesson time.


Instructor, Tom Slater:  Tom Slater has been playing and studying the piano for over 30 years.  He studied music at Cleveland State University and has a background in classical, jazz and pop music.  He is currently a multi-instrumentalist in several local bands and he has been featured on the WGN Morning News, WXRT and NPR.  Tom's main goals are to help his students develop and maintain good practice habits, learn music theory and get the most enjoyment and fulfillment you can from playing music.

Instructor, Jeanne Hanline:  Jeanne Hanline has studied music and given private piano lessons for over 35 years focusing on teaching children and adults to read music and enjoy the accomplishment of sitting down to play this amazing instrument.  Teaching traditional methods of classical and popular music are the results she hopes to give to her students.  She has played various venues for private affairs and church functions.  Patience, practice and enjoyment are the main goals.


Ages 5-Adult
Niles Park District offers private piano lessons.  Children and adults with all levels of experience are welcome and no prior instruction in piano or music is required.  In addition students may need to purchase their own instruction books and music. 
Lessons will focus on the fundamentals of performance technique, music theory, and good practice habits.  Practice time may also be arranged through the park district for a minimal fee.  


Call 847-967-6633 to reserve a time or for additional information.  Refunds will not be granted for missed lessons.  No lessons Tuesday, July 4.  Fee is based on 10 lessons, 30 minutes in length.


 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 310113-01  Mon  Jun 5-Aug 7  3:00-9:00 pm  $215/$255
 310113-02  Tues  Jun 6-Aug 15  3:00-9:00 pm  $215/$255
 310113-03  Wed  Jun 7-Aug 9  3:00-9:00 pm  $215/$255
 310113-04  Thurs  Jun 8-Aug 10  3:00-9:00 pm  $215/$255
 310113-05  Fri  Jun 9-Aug 11  3:00-6:00 pm  $215/$255
 310113-06  Sat  Jun 10-Aug 12  9:00 am-Noon  $215/$255


Ages 7 & Older

What is a lapbook?  A creative, hands-on, multisensory method of learning!  If you love music and also enjoy arts and crafts, or if you just want to learn more about the great classical composers and have fun in the process, then this may be the class for you.  Students will learn more about music and the great composers as they creatively assemble their lapbooks to take home as a lasting memory of what they have learned.  All materials will be provided in class.  No prior musical experience is necessary to take this class, which would also be a wonderful enrichment offering for anyone studying piano or another instrument, or just interested in art and music.  Instructor:  Vicky Ostwald

Location:  Howard Leisure Center

 Code  Day  Date  Time  R/NR
 310113-07  Fri  Jun 9-Aug 11  2:30-3:15 pm  $50/$63


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