Preschool 5

Summer Registration:  May 7-June 15
$5.00 late fee after June 15

Intro to Rookie Rangers
Pre-requisite: None. This is an opportunity to try out our Rookie Rangers class for very little investment. This class is for a first-time skater with an interest in playing hockey. All basic equipment (skates, shin-guards, elbow pads, gloves, helmet/facemask and stick) is provided free of charge. Enrollment is limited. Players who have their own equipment are welcome into class!

 333307-01  4-7  Sat & Sun  June 16 & 17   2:00-2:30 pm  $15/$20
 333307-02  8-13  Sat & Sun  June 16 & 17   2:00-2:30 pm   $15/$20

Rookie Rangers
Pre-requisite: Complete Intro Class or possess basic skating skills. Must be able to stand on ice without assistance. Our most basic hockey class. Designed for the first-time skaters with an interest in playing hockey. Skills covered in this class involve all basic skating skills including push & glides, stops, turns, backwards skating and crossovers. Sticks and pucks are entered into each class every day to allow each child to enjoy a "taste" of playing hockey. All basic equipment (skates, shin guards, elbow pads, gloves, helmet with facemask and a stick) is included as part of the class. Enrollment is limited. Players who can supply their own equipment are welcome into class. No make-ups for missed classes.  8 week session.

 333308-01  5-8  Sat  June 23-Aug 11  2:00-2:30 pm  $74/$93
 333308-02  9-14  Sat  June 23-Aug 11   2:00-2:30 pm   $74/$93
 333308-03  5-8  Sun  June 24-Aug 12   1:45-2:15 pm   $74/$93
 333308-04  9-14  Sun  June 24-Aug 12   1:45-2:15 pm   $74/$93


Power Rangers
Power Rangers is our next progression after completion of Rookie Rangers. This class continues to cover skating at an intermediate level, as well as offering instruction on other skills of the game, including puck handling, passing and shooting. We strongly encourage players who have joined a Rangers team to continue to work on their individual skill development by taking Power Rangers.  9 week session.

 333309-01  6-8  Thurs  June 14-Aug 9  7:05-8:05 pm  $167/$200
 333309-02  9-14  Thurs  June 14-Aug 9   7:05-8:05 pm   $167/$200

Summer House Hockey League

Register for some summer fun. Players will participate in one evaluation and be divided into teams. Each team will play one game a week with no practices. Staff coaches will supervise the benches and change lines. There will be balanced ice time for all players. Limit 15 players and 2 goalies per team. All players must register for USA Hockey for the 2018-2019 season. No "AAA" or Gold level players. Each player will receive a team jersey.  League may be combined if short on players.  9 week league.
Mite: Birth Years 2010-2012
Squirt: Birth Years 2008 & 2009
Pee Wee: Birth Years 2006 & 2007
Bantam: Birth Years 2004 & 2005

 Mite  333310-01  6-8  Sat  June 16-Aug 11  2:45 pm  $120/$144
 Squirt  333310-02  9-10  Sat  June 16-Aug 11   2:45 pm   $120/$144
 Pee Wee  333310-03  11-12  Sun  June 17-Aug 12   12:30 pm   $120/$144
 Bantam  333310-04  13-14  Sun  June 17-Aug 12   12:30 pm   $120/$144

Summer Adult Rat Hockey

Adult Rat Hockey is unsupervised, no check, common sense play. Full equipment required. Goalies always admitted free. Participation limited to 30 players per day on a first come first serve basis. No pre-registration required, just walk in and sign in on game day.

 Sun  June 17-Aug 12  11:15 am-12:15 pm  $11

Adult Hockey Clinic

This clinic is designed for beginner and intermediate level players over 16 years old.  Full equipment is required.  Drills and controlled scrimmages.  9 week session.

 333304-01  16-99  Thurs  June 14-Aug 9  8:15-9:15 pm  $167/$200


Hockey Skating Skills & Conditioning Class

The on ice portion of this class will focus on skating skills. Forward and backward skating, crossovers, turns, transitions, bilateral movement, all skills necessary to skate and maneuver quickly on the ice. Off ice skaters will work on agility, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, flexibility, and core strength. Skaters should not wear full equipment for this class. Regular athletic type clothing will work. Helmets and gloves may be worn. Skaters should bring sticks as we will use them from time to time. Skaters will need good gym shoes for the off-ice portion of the class. Skaters may use a mat for off-ice.

 333119-03  6 & Up  Tues  June 11-Aug 11  5:30-6:55 pm
 On/Off Ice
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