The Niles Park District board of commissioners approved an ordinance allowing dogs on leashes at certain parks and with some restrictions.  Highlights of the new ordinance and its restrictions allowing dogs on leashes in parks include:

  1. Dogs must be licensed, vaccinated and have a current rabies inoculation.
  2. Owners are responsible for removing any excrement deposited by their dog.
  3. All dogs shall be restrained by a leash that is no longer than 8 feet in length.
  4. Dog owners must maintain physical control of their dogs at all times.  Retractable leashed an electronic leashed are prohibted.
  5. Restricted areas, facilities, and parks include:
    * District facilities (except during district approved dog related classes)
    * Tam Golf Course
    * Parks under a half acre in size including: Nico Park, Point Park, Triangle Park, Chesterfield Park, Greenwood Park, and Oakton Manor Park.
    * Oasis Pool
    * Outdoor fitness equipment areas
    * Playgrounds
    * Picnic Shelters (except permitted picnics)
    * Tennis, basketball, and pickleball courts
    * Sports fields during play (leashed dogs are allowd on the sidelines)
    * Summer Camp sites

Park signage regarding dogs will be updated throughout the district as time allows.