The Niles Park District is proud to announce a new partnership with the Niles Strikers FC.  Terry Gordon is the Director of Coaching and has worked with the Niles Park District previously with our Recreation Soccer Academy, Summer Soccer Camps, and running our volunteer coach clinics.  We are excited for this joint program and look forward to offering our community a chance for those interested in more than just the Niles Park District's recreation soccer program. 

The Niles Strikers FC is a dynamic and progressive Soccer club dedicated to holistic player development!  The Niles Strikers FC believes in nurturing not just the athletes, but well-rounded individuals who excel on and off the field.  Our club is committed to providing a comprehensive training program that focuses on technical skills, tactical awareness, physical conditioning and mental resilience.  We prioritize creating a positive and suportive environment where players can grow, learn and acheive their full potential.

Please contact Terry Gordan with any questions at

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