SPRING SESSION- 8-10 weeks, March 21-June 4

Spring Session Packet

SUMMER SESSION- June 9-August 13

Summer Session Packet


Summer Blast Blade Camp

ASPIRE Summer Skating Camp

Any skaters interested in skating on the Niles Park District IceLand Freestyle Sessions who are not currently part of the NPD IceLand Skate School (a skater who is actively taking classes in, taking lessons from a staff coach, and participating in IceLand programs) must contact the skating director at aforbes@niles-parks.org at least 48 hours in advance.  Non-staff coaches must have permission to teach on any freestyle session in advance.  Non-staff coaches must fill out the Non-staff Coaching Agreement and be approved by the skating director and rink manager prior to attending any freestyle sessions.  Additionally, liability insurance naming Niles Park District IceLand must be provided with completed Non-staff Coaching Agreement.  Please direct all questions to aforbes@niles-parks.org

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Freestyle Ice Fee Updates- 2022

Summer Freestyle Schedule- June 13-August 13, 2022

TEAM ICELAND 2021-2022

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